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Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 30 October 2019 (Episode)

Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 30 October 2019: Together with the new Diwali, the face of another new competitor, Shefali Zariwala, in the Bigg Boss 13 season. The actress, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is a wild entry into the drama of Bigg Boss. Sherawali is a professional actress. It should be shown that the fire would take place in and around this house with the entry of Sherawali Zariwala.

Bigg Boss 13 Written Update: Bigg Boss gives #MeToo power for self-protection

Bigg boss 13 written update Oct 30: All the girls in the large boss have the #MeToo weapons facility, disturbed by all the competitors at home. With its support, she could appeal to Bigg Boss with the aid of #MeToo if there is any form of violence against a contestant in the house. Now we must see how many watts #MeToo has produced and the number of participants standing on the removal spear. Bigg boss participants

Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 30 October 2019

Tonight, we will see in the house of the Bigg Boss Paras saying that Siddharth Shukla has no regard for women and also mocks them. Siddharth told the girls you were offered #MeToo as a tool you abuse, and seem to worry over small things about others. In the meantime, Devolina often begins by not even discussing the empowerment a little. In the meantime, Devolina often begins to talk of independence a little more. Saying that I don’t even want to see your facial, Rashmi was already irritated. Meanwhile, the World Entery’s Shefali Zariwala says she will soon change all of it. Changes to the Bigg Boss and Entertainment Season 13Bigg boss season 13 telly updates:

big boss timing: 10.30 pm today

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