Guest Posting

Director Dada, It is open to Guest Posting – and you can gain visibility, inbound links, and relevant users via organic traffic by uploading a guest posting.

Requirements for guests posts:

  • At least 400 words for each post.
  • .In the article and/or author profile, do-follow links may be allowed contact us for information and terms But there is nothing “spammy”
  • Relevant in-post connections but not too many are tolerated.
  • The article shall not be posted online and must be exclusive of our website.
  • Affiliation connections may be allowed as “no-follow” links, but not for those products/services which have already been promoted on our website.


How to submit a guest post…

You can first email us and let us know the proposal in advance. In 24 hours you usually get a reply and you can either go ahead and submit or start writing the article if we like. Please include the article in a text / Word document containing all the references, via e-mail. Easy HTML versions are also required, as we can copy/paste the article much easier.


Please do contact us if any questions at all!

Looking forward to hearing from you.