trump starts world war 3

US takes ‘revenge’, Iran’s ‘Bahubali’ general killed in Baghdad ( trump starts world war 3 )

US takes ‘revenge’, Iran’s ‘Bahubali’ general killed in Baghdad ( trump starts world war 3 ) In a rocket strike by the US military at Baghdad Airport, eight men, including Iran’s top commander, killed. Following the latest attacks, tensions are likely to rise in the US and Iran. US ties with Iraq may also be eased at the same moment. us and Iran relations

 why is world war 3 trending on twitter
why is world war 3 trending on twitter

latest worldwide news At least three Katyusha rockets were fired by the US and the airport was destroyed. The infrastructure at the airport was heavily destroyed by Iran and Hezbollah. Upon obtaining data, the US launched this assault. The US has even claimed to have a plan to attack the slain Iranian leader.

is world war 3 confirmed

Already killed in this assault was Qasim Sulemani, the highest commandant of Iran’s Quds Force. The deputy commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis was also killed by the popular mobilization powers (PMF). The US has been criticized by the PMF. Nevertheless, the injured by the Iraqi military forces have not been verified.
Taking aggressive precautions to defend US staff: White House

world war 3 Reddit The White House released a resolution announcing that US troops had taken immediate defensive action on the orders of President Trump to defend American workers overseas by killing Kasim Sulemani, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quadron Force, an international terrorist group. The White House has reported that Qasim Sulemani is actively planning assaults on Iraq, US ambassadors and other local officials.
Iran said-America is going to have to pay a high price world war 3 trending on twitter

trump world war 3 The United States has been targeted by Iranian foreign minister Javed Zarif on Sulaimani’s assassination. He characterized the Baghdad Airport missile attack as a stupid move. “To target and kill General Sulaimani of America, the world violence is very risky and stupid,” she tweeted. “Their armies successfully fight with Daesh (ISIS), Al Nusrah, Al Qaeda, and other men.

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Iran named the Swiss envoy for the U.S. missile attack, fuelled by Sulaimani’s assassination. The United States has no Iranian Embassy. Just America is represented by Switzerland. That’s why they were called by Iran.
The Kurdish force is a division of Iran’s Islamical Revolutionary Guard, which works outside of the region. What is the Kurdish force and how is the partnership with America? His successor, Qasim Sulemani, was liable directly to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the country’s supreme leader. Throughout 2003 the US-leaded military strikes terminated Saddam Hussein’s dominance throughout Iraq. The Kurdish army then stepped up its Middle East activities.

The Kurds started to provide the anti-government forces of other countries assisting Iran with arms, resources and preparation. Throughout fact, non-traditional methods of fighting were also adopted. This has helped Iran to stand in front of opponents who depend on traditional weapons. This involves swär tactics, aircraft and cyber attacks (combating individual targets of large contingents).

trump starts world war 3

US President Donald Trump named the group a terrorist organization in April last year. With respect to that statement, Iran claimed that in the Gulf region the US military is no less than any terrorist group.
Why is Qataib Hizbullah threatening America?

world war 3 news today:-  The US claims that Qaitib Hizbullah is still targeting the military bases in Iraq. Since 2009, the group has been designated, extremist. His commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis is a world terrorist.

world war 3 memes
world war 3 memes

The US argues that the group poses a threat to Iraq’s peace and stability. The U.S. defense department says that Hezbollah is linked to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), the Kurdish force’s global operational arm, and receives a variety of Iranian assistance.
After Iraq-Iran Commanders have been killed, Trump photo shares the US flag

Twitter Trends with World War III after Killing of Iran’s Top Commander in US Airstrike

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The United States Defense Department, published from Washington, says that after the attack on its embassy in Baghdad, it sends 750 more American soldiers to West Asia. world war 3 twitter The step was pointed to as a precautionary measure by Defense Minister Mark Asper and said that in the next few days the unit for the 82nd Airborne Division is prepared to fly. newsnews

world war 3 news today these, 500 have been shipped, while another 4 000 will soon be shipped. The Iraq assault is identified by foreign minister Mike Pompeo as a group by militants, one of whom is named Abu Mahdi Al Muhadis. Muhadis is the second member of a Shi’ite network of Iraqi armed groups funded by Tehran-Hashd al-shaabi.

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Hizbollah Qatab is also a priority member of the US air strikes. As US President Donald Trump welcomed the New Year, he criticized Iran very seriously. Iran has been tweeting against the US state department’s’ USA Hindi ‘ Twitter handles and has said, “The US embassy’s security system in Irak was re-established several hours ago.” It states that “the Iranian people understand that their leaders must give up their antiquities.”

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