hyderabad rape case

Hyderabad:- All four accused of gang rape were killed in an Hyderabad encounter by the police

hyderabad rape case:-In an altercation between police in Telangana and the gang rape and murder of a woman doctor during Hyderabad, all four are shot dead. It police did not go to Encounter National Highway 44 until late Thursday. The event took place on National Highway 44 where the police arrived, everyone suspected of reconstituted the crime scene. According to the authorities, during that period and during this moment, the four defendants tried to escape the crime scene.

Hyderabad rapist encounter

Let me mention to you that an incident of brutality took place in Hyderabad with a female doctor on the action night of 27-28 November. A doctor’s burned body was found in the underground on the National Highway of Bangalore Hyderabad. On 29 November, the four suspects were then arrested by police.



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