Delhi Free Wi-Fi scheme Yojana

CM Kejriwal announced free Wi-Fi scheme, know when will start free Wi-Fi facility in Delhi

Delhi Free Wi-Fi scheme Yojana:- The government of Delhi provides the people of Delhi with free facilities. After travel, Delhi people will get free electricity, water, and free internet. The Delhi Kejriwal administration has announced that Delhi’s residents will have free Wi-Fi access. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced free Wi-Fi before the assembly elections in Delhi. Starting 16 December this year, Delhiites will have unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity. Delhi Chairman Kejriwal told Delhi that the first phase of the construction of 11,000 WLAN hotspots would take place in Delhi. The system will start promptly with 100 hot spots released on 16 December.

Delhi Free Wi-Fi scheme Yojana 2019

CM Kejriwal said that every Delhi assembly will have 100 hot spots. Such hot spots are built according to the rental template. That’s 100 crores for Rs. Free Wi-Fi is accessible concurrently to 150 to 200 people. Let us know that 4,000 hotspots on the bus booth and 7,000 on RWA and the market will be installed. His work order was finished, Kejriwal added.

Delhi Free Wi-Fi scheme Yojana
Delhi Free Wi-Fi scheme Yojana

Kejriwal revealed this strategy and said that it was our party’s last pledge that would be fulfilled now. He said that the free internet would greatly benefit learners and others. Rentals for hotspots within Delhi were created. The Delhi government would make a hotspot fee for the month. There will be 100 hot spots on the 16th, according to Kejriwal. Then on the 23rd, there are 600 and on the 30th 1100. Within six months, 11,000 hot spots will, therefore, be installed.

Free Wi-Fi scheme Yojana

The hotsport operates up to 100 meters away. His talk is going to be 100 Mbps. Which can in certain cases reach 200 Mbps. 150 to 200 people can be used simultaneously at a hot spot. For this purpose, an app was created. It can be used with KYC. It connects to the phone immediately following OTP’s arrival. When it goes from one area to another, it will connect.

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