Ranarangam telugu Box Office Collection Day 13

Ranarangam telugu Box Office Collection Day 12

Ranarangam telugu Box Office Collection Day 12 :-  Ranarangam The film, produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi and filmed in Starring Sharwanand Kajal Aggarwal Kalyani Priyadarshan Sudheer’s Varma, stars Sharwanand, Kajal Aggarwal and Kalyani Priyadarshan in the main positions under his label Sitara Entertainments. It tells Sharwanand in two avatars of a individual who “rose into an army.” it is released on  August 15, 2019. it gets good ratings

Ranarangam movie Reviews :- 3.8/5.0∗

Sudheer Varma is a fantastic producer and his latest movie Ranarangam has everybody’s enjyoed . There has been a superb mood for this movie since the first poster or banners realsed.
ranarangam telugu movie rating

The last thing we know about the movie is that it’s going to be released this week .

In this movie which has Kajal and Kalyani Priyadarshan as woman leaders, Sharwa will be shown in two distinct positions.

The movie deals with the increase of gangsters and Shawra is shown for a portion of the movie. ranarangam telugu movie review

Ranarangam telugu Box Office Collection Day 12
Ranarangam telugu Box Office Collection Day 12

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Written & Directed by – Sudheer Varma
Cinematographer – Divakar Mani
Music Director – Prashant Pillai
Editor – Navin Nooli
Production Designer – Raveender
Sound Designer – Renganaath Ravee
Publicity Designs – Anil & Bhanu
Lyrics – Krishna Chaitanya, Ramajogayya Shastry
Stunts – Venkat
Dialogues – Arjun-Carthyk
Choreography – Brinda, Shobi, Sekhar
Production Controller – Ch. Rama Krishna Reddy
Presents – PDV Prasad
Producer – Suryadevara Naga Vamsi
Banner – Sithara Entertainments

Ranarangam telugu Box Office Collection Day 12


Area Day 1 Collections
Nizam 1.40 Cr
Ceeded 0.47 Cr
UA 0.51 Cr
Guntur 0.37 Cr
East 0.36 Cr
Krishna 0.23 Cr
West 0.28 Cr
Nellore 0.18 Cr

AP/TS 3.80 Cr

NIZAM + AP = 3.81

WW= 4.23
DAY 2 Ap-TG: 2.20Cr

Total 2 Days ApTg Collections: 6.02Cr

Day 2 WW collections: 2.35Cr

Total 2 Days WW collections: 6.60Cr

Total Gross: 11.50Cr~

DAY 3 Ap-TG: 1.56Cr

Total 3 Days ApTg Collections: 7.58Cr

Day 3 WW collections: 1.70Cr~

Total 3 Days WW collections: 8.30Cr

Total Gross: 14.80Cr~

DAY 4 USA Collections Thursday : $24,000 Friday : $17,200 Saturday : $21,100 Sunday : $9,600 Total : $71,900

Total 4 Days ApTg Collections: 8.49Cr

Day 4 Ap-TG: 0.91Cr

Total 4 Days WW collections: 9.32Cr

Total Gross: 16.32Cr~

DAY 5 Day 5 Ap-TG: 0.35Cr

Total 5 Days ApTg Collections: 8.84Cr

Day 5 WW collections: 0.40Cr

Total 5 Days WW collections: 9.72Cr

Total Gross: 17.02Cr~

DAY 6 Ap-TG: 0.18Cr

Total 6 Days ApTg Collections: 9.02Cr

Day 6 WW collections: 0.21Cr

Total 6 Days WW collections: 9.93Cr

Total Gross: 17.37Cr

DAY 7 Day 7 Ap-TG: 0.08Cr

Total 7 Days ApTg Collections: 9.10Cr

Day 7 WW collections: 0.10Cr~

Total 7 Days WW collections: 10.03Cr

Total Gross: 17.55Cr~

DAY 8 Day 8 Ap-TG: 0.04Cr

Total 8 Days ApTg Collections: 9.14Cr

Day 8 WW collections: 0.04Cr~

Total 8 Days WW collections: 10.07Cr

Total Gross: 17.62Cr~

DAY 9 Day 9 Ap-TG: 0.02Cr

Total 9 Days ApTg Collections: 9.16Cr

Day 9 WW collections: 0.02Cr~

Total 9 Days WW collections: 10.09Cr

Total Gross: 17.64Cr~

DAY 10 Day 10 Ap-TG: 0.04Cr

Total 10 Days ApTg Collections: 9.20Cr

Day 10 WW collections: 0.04Cr~

Total 10 Days WW collections: 10.13Cr

Total Gross: 17.70CR

DAY 11 Day 11 Ap-TG: 0.05Cr

Total 11 Days ApTg Collections: 9.25Cr

Day 11 WW collections: 0.05Cr~

Total 11 Days WW collections: 10.18Cr

Total Gross: 17.79C

DAY 12 Day 12 Ap-TG: 0.02Cr

Total 12 Days ApTg Collections: 9.27Cr

Day 12 WW collections: 0.02Cr~

Total 12 Days WW collections: 10.20Cr

Total Gross: 17.82C

Ranarangam Theatrical Trailer – Sharwanand, Kajal Aggarwal, Kalyani Priyadarshan | Sudheer Varma

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