National Recruitment Agency

The National Recruitment Agency should promote transparency for young people: PM Narendra Modi

National Recruitment Agency “On Wednesday, Premier Narendra Modi confirmed that the NRA would be a blessing for youth crores. He added that this would remove some examinations, save time and money. He added that this will also be a major help to accountability on the Twitter microblogging platform.

The Cabinet authorized the creation of the NRA for a joint central government work eligibility test and introduced a “landmark change” in the recruiting phase. The Cabinet also authorized a specific job eligibility test. “The National Recruitment Agency will prove to be a boon for crores of youngsters. Through the Common Eligibility Test, it will eliminate multiple tests and save precious time as well as resources. This will also be a big boost to transparency,” PM Modi tweeted.

National Recruitment Agency

Media briefing on the cabinet meeting, headed by Prime Minister Prakash Javadekar said it was a ‘significant’ move that would allow job-seekers to take one specific test and save on time and costs for many tests. Since several years this has been a huge demand of the young, he said.

What is National Recruitment Agency?

Minister of the Union Jitendra Singh named it the historic and transformative change of the country’s past. This would make it easier to choose, easier to function and easier to live, particularly in those segments of society which are regarded as disadvantaged, he said. It also supports disadvantaged people and women who have to drive long distances to take examinations on different occupations, he added.

bank jobs recruitment 2020 To order to examine/shortlist applicants for Group B and Group C posts, the NRA must conduct a Common Eligibility Test (CET). The NRA will include the Ministère des Railways, the Department of Finance, the Commission for Selection of Workers (SSC), the Relocation Board, and the IBPS, as well. He or she will also include the members of the Treasury and Financial Services Ministry. An official statement stated that the NRA was supposed to be a professional entity introducing cutting-edge technologies and best practices in central government recruitment. Right now, three main recruiting companies will use the findings of the standard study, although other companies will be added over a time. In a long-term sense, the CET score could be shared with other central government recruiting agencies, government/union territories, government sector enterprises and the private sector, said Singh. He said this would save them money and resources for hiring. The State authorized the creation of the NRA, which has its Delhi headquarters, with a total of Rs 1.517.57 crore. It has a member with the level of a government minister. The costs will be made over a three-year period. In the 117 aspirational districts, apart from creating the NRA, it said the burden would be borne for the development of the exam infrastructure.

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