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Pixel 4a – Screen, Processor, RAM, Storage, Operating system, Camera, Connectivity, Dimensions, Weight, Price

The Pixel 4a is a return to the mobile efforts of Google: a low cost, high-quality mid-range phone with a large-scale camera that is robust and very compact. The £349 Pixel 4a is an opportunity to pick up a mobile but instead make all the stuff actually work.

Pixel 4a – Screen, Processor, RAM, Storage, Operating system, Camera, Connectivity, Dimensions, Weight

It is available in the higher price Pixel 4 category, taking over the 3a configuration and expanding the display to cover the front of the unit and replacing Pixel 3a and 3a XL with only one telephone size last year.A 5 G beta will be announced later this year but the Pixel 4a is still 4 G only. The body is gentle-touch polycarbonate of excellent quality and remarkably cool. The FHD+ OLED 5.8-in panel looks great: it’s vivid, close enough and has thin bezels all over. The top left of the screen has a quite large loop for the camera module and the display doesn’t have the screen resolution of 90Hz from some marginally more costly players, but it is HDR-certified to view films. the Pixel line has always felt like more of an underdog product than one should reasonably expect from a corporation as massive as Google. After years of partnerships and Nexus devices, when Google finally did enter the smartphone market in earnest, it found itself attempting to chip away at an already mature category — an even more difficult feat when most of that competition is already running your operating system.

Google Pixel 4A price in India

In a major way, the differentiator of the Pixel line can in effect be the lack of a light, which draws a strong distinction from leading companies including Samsung, Apple and Huawei. When telephones were vehicles, it is a decent sedan — skillful, economical, and nobody questions while bringing it up to the PTA meeting. Yet Google continues to have failed to establish an origin during all of this. There was poor business. It’s the sort of stuff that doesn’t change something at the end of the day on the edge of Youtube, but it has clearly bigger expectations. Recently the seismic administration of the company was updated by the department manager Mario Queiroz and camera wizard Marc Levoy. Apparently it was a sign that Google is about to open up a new path for a smartphone network, which might render the Pixels 4 and 4a the last of its type. CHINA APP BAN

Google Pixel 4a

Also nice for a fairly tiny light telephone was battery life. Pixel 4a lasts 31 hours, which is far longer than big pixel 3a XL and iPhone SE (both 27 hours), usually from 07.00 a.m. on day one to 14.00 hours from day two.


Following 3 hours spent on 4 G, the remainder are on Web service. With the constantly disabled monitor, Spotify ‘s display is accessible for a span of up to five hours for the normal mass of text, notifications and push updates, searching and utilizing devices, 5 hours with Bluetooth headphones and approximately 20 images. The battery life gained about two hours by shutting off the show still on.The Pixel 4a is shipped with a quick 18W charge which takes 90 minutes.

Pixel 4a Dimensions The Pixel 4a ships via an 18W quick charger which takes 90 minutes and reaches 50 percent in half an hour to recharge the phone completely. Maha jobs portal 2020- Maharashtra Maha jobs.maharashtra.in Online Registration


Screen: 5.8in FHD+ OLED (443ppi)
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G
Storage: 128GB
Operating system: Android 10
Camera: 12.2MP rear, 8MP selfie-camera
Connectivity: LTE, eSIM, wifi 5, NFC, Bluetooth 5.1, headphones and GPS
Dimensions: 144 x 69.4 x 8.2mm
Weight: 143g

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