How to get jio free data free recharge in jio 2020

How to get free recharge in jio 2020 Data

Is Jio giving a free recharge of 498, it is being viral on WhatsApp, a message that has left many people very Shock about how Jio is doing this
Let us tell you that a message has been running on WhatsApp for a few days that Reliance is Not recharging 498 in Jio Free, but now it is coming to know that Jio has not done any such message on that message to anyone else. Nor has it made any viral on social media that they are giving free recharges because the risk of coronavirus is increasing

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How to get free internet on jio without recharge

In this message it has been written that prepaid plan offer unlimited voice jio call and unlimited 4G data is being given to you free till 31st March so that you can call people and singling is being provided for subscribing. Are being told, but let us tell you how to learn it completely and do not do anything that hurts you and others

How to get free internet on jio withou

How to get jio free data

And it is being said in the message that Jio is going through a very difficult situation, so it is giving free recharges of about ₹ 498 only to people in India and if you want an offer then you have to click and this valet 31 Stay till march
Much such fake news is going viral due to Coronavirus which is being made viral on many other ups like social media apps Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hello ,and people are being created panic situations so that people like this link Click on and rewrite it completely

How to get free data in jio phone

On this matter, Twitter has also said that we will delete such two who are spreading this stuff due to Coronavirus Jio Recharge and some websites are doing all this to generate traffic like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Medium There are many platforms which are getting upset due to such fake announcements because these people are very much disturbed by Coronavirus. Read :- Happy Birthday Kapil

How to get jio free data


How to get free data in jio 2020

WhatsApp is upset and they are also thinking about deleting messages like this and asking people not to forward, but people are forwarding so that they are not aware of this, but last year also WhatsApp It was said that we will delete such messages, which are doing such activities, first we will verify them whether it is true or not and then we will carry it forward.


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