Avengers : Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War

ity War was always expected to take a huge opening. The hype was tremendous and the craze to watch it was at an all time high. For the last couple of weeks the only film that was being talked about was this superhero flick.

Avengers : Infinity War From a 10 crore prediction, the number went up to 15 crore and then on the upper side it even seemed 20 crore. However what actually unfolded was something out of the world.

The film has taken a 31.30 crore opening no less and this is bigger than anything that has released in 2018. Baaghi 2 so far boasted of the highest opening of the year [25.10 crore] and that too on a much higher count of screens. Here Avengers – Infinity War has gone all the way up with just around 2000 screens and it won’t be surprising if there are more added to the count as days progress.

This is a Blockbuster start no less and while a 100 crore weekend is assured, it has to be seen how big does the film become from this point on. Monday too boasts of a partial holiday [Buddh Poornima] due to which there would be huge numbers for the first four days at least. Even after that the numbers are set to come in since most of the collections over the weekend would be due to advance booking and current counters are yet to see audience footfalls.

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