Ardaas Karaan Box Office Collection Day 50

Ardaas Karaan Box Office Collection Day 19 ( BLOCKBUSTER )

Ardaas Karaan Box Office Collection Day 19 Ardaas Karaan is a upcoming punjabi movies The next Indian Punjabi language is the film co-written and directed by Gippy Grewal.Gurpreet Ghuggi, Gippy Grewal, Japji Khaira, Meher Vij, and Yograj Singh

In the Humble Motion, motion pictures were developed. This film is shown in Surrey, British Columbia, on 19 July 2019 and on 12 January 2019. The latest movie of Gippy Grewal gets great reviews from throughout WorlWide. Good NZ Reaction Highest to unlock after launch. Everybody likes it all. Fans:-I’m happy to see the movie and it loves everyone.

Ardaas 2

Ardaas 2 box office collection

While Ardaas Karaan’s # 19 July is still getting wonderful films outside of the world, manufacturers have now officially launched Advance Booking so that you don’t have to miss the film and look deeply into your life.

Directed by Gippy Grewal Produced by Gippy Grewal Screenplay by Gippy Grewal
Rana Ranbir Story by Gippy Grewal Starring


ardaas karaan star cast
Gurpreet Ghuggi
Gippy Grewal
Japji Khaira
Meher Vij
Yograj Singh Music by Jatinder Shah Cinematography Baljit Singh Deo Edited by Baljit Singh Deo
Humble Motion Pictures
Distributed by Omjee Group
Release date
  • 19 July 2019 (India)
Country India
Canada Language Punjabi
Ardaas Karaan Box Office Collection Day 12
Ardaas Karaan Box Office Collection Day 19

Ardaas Karaan Box Office Collection Day 19

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Ardaas Karaan Box Office Collection Day 19
Ardaas Karaan Box Office Collection Day 19

Budget :- 9cr

duration of ardaas karaan :- 2h 40m
ardaas 21

This is the 2nd edition of this film. 1st edition of Blockbuster .. Australia and New Zealand have the highest profits, which demand great global introduction

23px Flag of Canada %28Pantone%29.svg Canada

1Ardaas Karaan2018₹6.09 croreUS$883,850

Ardaas Karaan 1st Day Box Office Collection

Fri ₹1.33 Nett / ₹1.58cr Gross

Ardaas Karaan 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Fri ₹1.58cr, Sat ₹1.83cr [Total] ₹3.41cr Gross (₹2.86cr Nett) [Worldwide- ₹7.77cr Gross]
Ardaas Karaan 3rd Day Box Office Collectionsunday  2.0 [Total] ₹5.41cr Gross (₹2.86cr Nett) [Worldwide- ₹9.77cr Gross]



India = 4.05 Crores net
Canada = 2.35 Crores
Australia = 1.40 Crores
America = 95 Lakhs
U.K. = 46 Lakhs
Newzealand = 45 Lakhs
Germany = 5 Lakhs
Malaysia = 6 Lakhs
Others = 20 Lakhs

Ardaas Karaan 4th Day Box Office Collectionmon- 1.20cr[Total] ₹5.25
Ardaas Karaan 5th Day Box Office Collectiontue-[Total] ₹.62.25cr
Ardaas Karaan 6th Day Box Office Collectionwen- 0.85crapprox [
Ardaas Karaan 7th Day Box Office CollectionIndia = 6.70 Crores net
Overseas = 8.80 CroresTotal worlwide 23.80cr
Ardaas Karaan 12th Day Box Office CollectionIndia = 10.40 Crores
Canada = 6.10 Crores
Australia = 3.20 Crores
America = 2.27 Crores
U.K = 1.05 Crores
Newzealand = 90 Lakhs
Others = 50 Lakhs
Ardaas Karaan 19th Day Box Office Collection28.25 crore (US$4.1 million) (2 Weeks)

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