unnao gang rape victim latest news

unnao gang rape case latest news: UP government will give 25 lakh rupees and home to the victim’s family

unnao gang rape case latest news:- As she went from home to trial to see that, the girl who was a rape victim in Unnao, UP was burned alive. She was admitted to the Lucknow Hospital and then received medical attention in Safdarjung in Delhi in view of the state of the survivor. Today’s news came of his passing. The UP CM has declared in this case the 25 lakh reward for the Chupi and the victim’s families and the allocation of houses in compliance with the PM Awas Yojana.

Unnao rape victim
Unnao rape victim

unnao rape victim

While declaring the victim’s family reward, CM Yogi also spoke of operating the rape case of Unnao on the fast track. I should like to suggest that, when the suspect who was out on parole, burned the complainant alive with his family, the victim went out to trial to attend to the case. After which the man fought in hospital for life and death

unnao rape victim latest news:-

The patient was taken to Safdarjung Hospital on Thursday night from Lucknow to be treated The brother of the victim said the whole head was burnt. Not positive, but believed my sister’s standing again. But everything is over. He pressed the attackers for the most harsh punishment.

unnao gang-rape victim latest news

unnao rape culprit Upon learning of the death of the man, on the instructions of the UPCM two UP ministers Kamal Rani and Swami Prasad Maurya visited the Unnao communities. On entering Unnao, the members of the Congress showed a black stripe demonstration. Police also shocked protestors. Protestors. UP Congress Chairman Ajay Kumar Lallu came down to the Lucknow capital for the demonstration and was also caught by police.
The family is shocked that the news is revealed about the victims ‘ death and they do not understand what is going to happen to them today. People from UP to Delhi and throughout the country are outraged by the death of the victim. The capital from Delhi to various parts of the country is protesting.

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