Delhi temperature Today

Delhi temperature Today:- Report the cold break in Delhi, minimum temperature can drop further

Delhi temperature Today Cold temperatures continue to break through in Delhi, and the lowest temperature is likely to drop further: North India, with its capital Delhi, is currently getting cold. In Delhi and its neighboring states, wind and dry weather persist. In Delhi the steady temperature dropped far more than normal. Delhi has records for the winter months. It was the second time it was so cold in 1901 in December. In 1901, it became so cold. temperature in Delhi today

temperature in Delhi Delhi may see a drop in temperature on the last day of the year, according to the Meteorological Department. On Friday, Delhi reported a minimum temperature of 5.8 ° C while the maximum temperature was 13.4 ° C and 7 ° C below average.

The chill is cold because of the constant decrease in Delhi temperature. The forecast revealed that from September 1997 to now the town has the longest winter season. It happened earlier in 1997, when 17 consecutive days were a serious winter in Delhi. According to PTI, an Indian meteorological official said, “In December, in 1919, 1929, 1961 and 1997, the average maximum temperature was less than 20 degrees Celsius”

Delhi temperature Today
Delhi temperature Today

Today Delhi temperature minimum and maximum

In the last month of December, the annual maximum temperature so far this year was 19,85 ° C. By December 31 it is expected to reach 19.15 ° C. According to the official weather department, it would be the second coldest December after 1901, if that were to happen. The maximum average temperature in December 1997 was 17.3 ° C. temperature of today in delhi
There is no possibility of relief from winter cold for the next two days, according to the Meteorological Department. In the next two-three days, the temperature is expected to drop more. Delhi’s minimum temperature may be down to 4 degrees Celsius in the coming days by the meteorological department.

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