Virus Movie Box Office Collection Day 1
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Virus Movie Box Office Collection Day 5 And Review

Virus Movie Box Office Collection Day 5


Cast: Revathy, Rima Kallingal, Tovino Thomas, Kunchacko Boban

Director: Aashiq Abu

A multi-star film, Virus, opens a sight and scene in a government medical college hospital that has a diligent medical wing without interruption before capturing the fine information of a deadliving epidemic, its roots and subsequent trauma. All this took place in 2018 for a month when the first suspect of Nipah was confirmed. Virus Movie Box Office Collection Day 5

The state of Kerala unfortunately faces a comparable scenario when Virus hits the screens. Going through the updates, Nipah is likely as fatal as before in a less virulent second coming. virus malayalam movie review rating

Nothing makes sense to ask “what is the story” because this is not a make-belief fiction nor an adjusted, commercially-specific, real-life tale. Everything you can see here was there. We saw, heard and took it to heart. The movie rebuilt everything to perfection thanks to the filmmaker, a host of performers in the team of engineers. malayalam movie near me

Since its announcement, Aashiq Abu has been highlighting a multi-star cast. Screenwriters Muhsin Parari, a fan of storytellers who record realistic tales in the silver screen, make a film with so many leading actors in the sector not a cakewalk. malayalam movie latest

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The health minister, Revathy, District Collector, Joju Boban, Health Officer (Indrajith), Health Services Director, Data Collector, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Health Sanitation Manager, Sreenath Bhasi, Major victims, Soubin Shahir, Madonna and Asif Ali. Subjects such as: Nurse Linis, Health Minister (Rima Kallingal) and District Pickers. malayalam box office collection 2019

No personality seems more subdued or exceeds the limits than life. The message was conveyed as successfully as possible. malayalam movie full

Virus takes you through many emotional roller coasters for its 152 minute length. This is sufficiently contagious to make you skip a heartbeat or evoke tears. It is more than a movie, it is people who put their hands together to fight against a lethal disease. virus malayalam box office collection


Ratings: 4/5

Virus Movie Box Office Collection Day 5

1st day collection: 2.5cr+ massive opening positive response only public rating : 4.6/5

Gross : 2.50Cr Share : 53 Lakhs

2 Days UAE Collection Update : Admits :25653 Gross : 1.67Cr

Kerala Gross ₹ 5.91 Cr(3 Days)

Kerala Gross ₹ 6.0 Cr(4 Days)

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