Race 3 Box Office Collections Day 9
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Salman khan Starrer Race 3 Box Office Collection On Day 3

Salman Khan starrer Race 3 has a decent begin on Sunday with inhabitance being superior to Friday and Saturday. It is set for another great day and it is an uplifting news for the film thinking about the reports. Look at Race 3 gathering report for Sunday

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Salman Khan Celebrates Eid With Family  

Morning Shows Report:

The film has opened to around 55-60% inhabitance today which is better. Not surprisingly the single screens are as yet shaking as they are at an indistinguishable levels from yesterday. However, it will be the pattern at plexes which is essential. They can drop as the day will advance.

Kapil Sharma Team to collaborate with Salman Khan for his next Project?

Regularly family group of onlookers comes in huge numbers on Sunday so it is a vital day. So in a perfect world it needs to keep up an indistinguishable pace from yesterday anyway that appears to be intense. Likewise, tomorrow is a working day so Race 3 accumulation will be influenced in the night appears. In spite of the fact that Muslim gathering of people will at present come because of the happy period which will proceed for two or three more days.

Afternoon Shows Occupancy(Day 3) Delhi NCR 53.7% (306 Sh) Mumbai 45.1% (326 Sh) Pune 34.1% (122 Sh) Bengaluru 35.5% (090 Sh) Hyderabad 63.8% (078 Sh) Kolkata 63.0% (069 Sh) Ahmedabad 50.9% (108 Sh)

Afternoon Shows Occupancy(Day 3) Patna 95.1% (07 Sh) Lucknow 62.8% (45 Sh) Guwahati 82.4% (21 Sh) Bhopal 34.1%(33 Sh) Jaipur 55.9% (48 Sh) Chennai 74.4%(26 Sh) Bhubaneshwar 97.2%(05 Sh)

Evening Shows Occupancy(Day 3) Delhi NCR 72.4% (206 Sh) Mumbai 61.1% (208 Sh) Pune 43.6% (083 Sh) Bengaluru 45.3% (078 Sh) Hyderabad 77.5% (070 Sh) Kolkata 89.0% (041 Sh) Ahmedabad 70.1% (076 Sh) Time slot : 4 to 7 pm

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Evening Shows Occupancy(Day 3) Patna 96.3% (03 Sh) Lucknow 87.0% (32 Sh) Guwahati 98.4% (15 Sh) Bhopal 50.3%(24 Sh) Jaipur 72.9% (32 Sh) Chennai 77.5%(18 Sh) Bhubaneshwar 98.7% (4 Sh) Time slot : 4 to 7 p.m.

Night Shows Occupancy(Day 3) Patna 88.2% (07 Sh) Lucknow 65.8% (53 Sh) Guwahati 82.5% (17 Sh) Bhopal 40.5%(35 Sh) Jaipur 43.7% (50 Sh) Chennai 50.4%(26 Sh) Bhubaneshwar 64.5% (06 Sh)

Race Box Office Collection india

1st Day 29.17 Cr

2nd Day 38 Cr

3rd Day 39Cr

Total = 106 APPROX (+-2)

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