Jada Movie Box Office Collection Day 1

Jada Movie Box Office Collection Day 1 , Review, Rating & Cast:

Jada Movie Box Office Collection Day 1:  Besides husband and wife, Jada has launched another super duper-hit film in Indian cinemas nowadays. Can I mention that this movie was made entirely in sports, where some players play football. Jada is an enormous budget film with 10 crores in Tamil, with Kathir and Roshni in the leading role.

Jada Movie Movie Cast, Story, And Budget:


Kathir Kathir
Roshan Smoothirakhani RoshniSamuthirakani
Yogibabu Yogibabu
Prince. Rajkumar
Lingesh Lingesh
Vignesh Mukesh Kanagaraj VigneshMukesh Kanagaraj

Jada Movie Movie Review

The train shows clearly that Jada is a Tamil movie based entirely on soccer. In this movie, we can see how some challenges a football team faces, which it is not even conscious of. In contrast, this group is also involved at a local village tournament. Before that, after various sport films were made, the urge to play sports has been increased in the younger generation.

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Stumbling block
Apdi paakadhadi
Tracker Tracker
Tarrake tararrake

Jada Movie Box Office Collection Day 1

Performance Jada Movie Box Office: Looking at an enormous budget and monitor, it looks as if on its first day the Tamil movie Jada can do a performance from the boxing house of 2 crores plus. However, a major 30 million + box office return can be achieved if we think about the Lifetime Return of the Tamil movie Jada. Stick with us to hear about movies and other sets of movie box office.


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