Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd January 2019
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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd January 2019  Kulfi shouts for help, Sikander rushes to her, he sees lovely and Amyra standing on the track too, Kulfi shouts baba, Amyra shouts daddy, Sikander shouts lovely to move aside and rushes to her, Amyra tries to pull lovely away but she doesn’t move, lovely seeing the train approaching Amyra pushes away, Sikander jumps and saves lovely, Kulfi has flashes of time spent with Sikander, she sees train APP

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Approach and shout, lovely Sikander says you choose me, and you haven’t come to her, Sikander sees kulfi no where and runs towards her.

No body nothing that she went, where did you source the footwear, Sikander points, men say she’s all right, since here is the train changing track, so it passed away from the track. Sikander keeps asking pretty about where Kulfi is, she says lovely that I’ve been sending her Punjab to a bus depot and don’t know how she came here. Sikander begins to ask for kulfa and look for her, Kulfi recalls all the promises he made Sikander and how he had saved her before, Kulfi scared of walking alone. Kulfi ‘s in a coach. Sikander breaks down with kulfis. Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd January 2019 

Sikander sees Kulfi walk to Nimrat and rushes, Sikander hugs her and raises her up in his arms, Kulfi knows Sikander didn’t save her, Sikander kisses her and says you’re fine, thank goodness, I can’t forgive myself, please forgive me. She’s fine and with us, Nimrat says she’s relaxed. The incident could not be forgotten by Kulfi home. Nimrat goes and soothes her, Kulfi says train, Nimrat says no train, I’ll get water for you, Kulfa says don’t leave me, Nimrat says soothing everything is fine, sikander can’t forget what’s happening.

Scared Kulfi walks out of it, lovely sees and scares, lovely walks to her, Kulfi questions are you ok. Lovely says yes even after what you did: Kulfi questions what I did. Lovely says No, Kulfi says No, Lovely says No, so you decided not to listen a word, Kulfi says I did all you said. Kulfi says that I know you dislike me but because you don’t have a place in that house, lovely says why don’t you leave this ho alone. why do you hate me? Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 22nd January 2019
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