Gully Boy Box Office Collection Day 10
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Gully Boy Box Office Collection Day 12

Gully Boy Box Office Collection Day 12

Murad, 22 year old, is a driver’s son, who hails from a Mumbai ghetto. While his parents expect him to do a job in a white collar, rap music is the youngest passion. In a nation where being an artist is often a far-fetched dream to the poor, it will be a hip-hop fuss across social classes that inspires a whole young generation in Murad’s struggle to rise above his circumstances and become a musician.

Total Dhamaal box office collection Day 4

Thu 19.40 cr, Fri 13.10 cr, Sat 18.65 cr, Sun 21.30 cr, Mon 8.65 cr, Tue 8.05 cr, Wed 6.05 cr, Thu 5.10 cr. Total: ₹ 100.30 cr. India biz.

[Week 2] Fri 3.90 cr, Sat 7.05 cr. Total: ₹ 111.25 cr. India biz.  Sun 7.10 cr, Mon 2.45 cr. Total: ₹ 120.80 cr. India biz.