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Evaru box office collection day 8

Evaru box office collection day 8  The film generated by Adivi Sesh, Regina Cassandra and Naveen Chandra follow the tale of cheating policeman Vikram Vasudev (Played by Sesh) is a upcoming Indian Telugu-language thriller, directed by Venkat Ramji. The film generated by PearlV Potluri, ParamV Potluri and KavinAnne= Adivi Sesh January 2019 The album consists of Sricharan Pakala and Garry Bh’s editor. On 15 August 2019, the film is planned. The launch was planned for 23 August 2019.

Nerkonda Paarvai 10th Day Box Office Collection

Directed byVenkat Ramji
Produced by
  • Pearl V. Potluri
  • Param V Potluri
  • Kavin Anne
Written byAbburi Ravi
  • Adivi Sesh
  • Naveen Chandra
  • Regina Cassandra
  • Murali Sharma
Music bySricharan Pakala
CinematographyVamsi Patchipulusu
Edited byGarry BH
PVP Cinema
Release date
  • 15 August 2019
Running time
118 minutes

Evaru Movie review :- 3.5/5.0∗

Evaru is a movie that in recent days has generated a wonderful sensation. The film captured many’s fantasy thanks to its powerful trailer. Say: The movie begins by showing Sameera(Regina) as a person who was credited with the killing of a policeman. It struck the global stage and let’s see what it is like.

Evaru box office collection day 8
Evaru box office collection day 8

The movie begins with Sameera(Regina) as a convict accused with the killing of a policeman Ashok(Naveen Chandra). The husband of Sameera doesn’t assist her much, she chooses to handle the case herself, and to see this scenario. She spends big bucks to hire a crooked policeman to assist her Vikram (Adivi Sesh), Vikram. What is the situation with Sameera? In all this, what part does Vikram perform? And why didn Ashok destroy Sameera? You must see the film on the large monitor to understand the responses.

Nizam Shares Day 1 : 64 lakhs Day 2 : 48 lakhs Day 3 : 57 lakhs Day 4 : 61 lakhs Day 5 : 26 lakhs Total share : 2.56 Cr


Box-Office Until 19th August

Evaru : A$58,965

Evaru box office collection day 6

Day 1
TOTAL AP/TS1.67cr2.5cr






DAY 2Ap-TG: 1.18Cr

Total 2 Days ApTg Collections: 2.86Cr

Day 2 WW collections: 1.72Cr

Total 2 Days WW collections: 4.05Cr

Total Gross: 7.4Cr

Day 3Ap-TG: 1.38Cr

ApTg Collections: 4.24Cr

WW collections: 1.70Cr~

Days WW collections: 5.75Cr

Total Gross: 10.04Cr~

Day 4USA Collections Premiers : $61,500 Thursday : $43,300 Friday : $73,600 Saturday : $105,600 Sunday : $50,700 Total : $334,700

Evaru 1st weekend (4 days) Share Collections

Nizam               2.30 Cr
Ceded                0.52 Cr
UA                    0.75 Cr
East                   0.42 Cr
West                  0.23 Cr
Krishna             0.45 Cr
Guntur               0.38 Cr
Nellore              0.15 Cr
Ap-TG: 1.43Cr
Total 4 Days ApTg Collections: 5.72Cr
Day 4 WW collections: 1.55Cr
Total 4 Days WW collections: 7.30Cr
Total Gross: 12.40Cr
DAY 5Day 5 Ap-TG: 0.76Cr

Total 5 Days ApTg Collections: 6.48Cr

Day 5 WW collections: 0.92Cr

Total 5 Days WW collections: 8.22Cr

Total Gross: 14Cr~

DAY 6Ap-TG: 0.40Cr

Total 6 Days ApTg Collections: 6.88Cr

Day 6 WW collections: 0.48Cr

Total 6 Days WW collections: 8.70Cr

Total Gross: 14.80Cr

DAY 7Day 7 Ap-TG: 0.22Cr

Total 7 Days ApTg Collections: 7.10Cr

Day 7 WW collections: 0.27Cr~

Total 7 Days WW collections: 8.97Cr

Break Even : 11cr Need:- 2.03Cr needed For Break Even

Total Gross: 15.22Cr~

DAY 8Day 8 Ap-TG: 0.12Cr

Total 8 Days ApTg Collections: 7.22Cr

Day 8 WW collections: 0.12Cr~

Total 8 Days WW collections: 9.09Cr

Break Even : 11cr Need:- 1.91Cr needed For Break Even

Total Gross: 15.42Cr~

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