Devi 2 Box Office Collection Day 3
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Devi 2 Box Office Collection Day 1 And review and ratings

Devi 2 Box Office Collection Day 1  The sequel of their 2016 hit movie Devi were once again joined by AL Vijay, Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah Bhatia. Nandita Swetha is the most recent flick cast, including Dimple Hayathi, Kovai Sarala, Guru Somasundaram, Yogi Babu, Aravid Akasha and many others. Devi 2 Box Office Collection Day 1 

NGK Box Office Collection Day 1 And Reviews

Devi 2 is the cinematographer of Ayananka Bose and the editor of Anthony. For the multilingual movie, Sam CS has written the music. The public was well welcomed by Sokkura Penne and Love Me.

Story: Devi 2 is a horror movie like its predecessor. Spirits are influenced by Krishna and Devi, husband and spouse. The film has two ghosts, the protagonist, while the first portion has one ghost. What do they want? What do they want? How do the spirits achieve their objectives? Is Devi going to come to rescue her husband? The key to the tale is to respond to all these issues.

Hype: The public was impressed by the first installment. With its promotions, the film has won a ton of publicity. This led to great expectations from the creators of Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah’s last movie, which was released in Tamil and Telugu on Friday 31 May.

Devi 2 Box Office Collection Day 1


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