The Accidental Prime Minister Trailer : In this ambitious project, Anupam Kher almost look like Manmohan Singh

The Accidental Prime Minister : Trailer of the Accidental Prime Minister: Staring Anupam Kher as former prime minister Manmohan Singh, this movie is based on Sanjaya Baru ‘s book of the same title. Akshaye Khanna plays Baru in a movie released on January 11. The long – anticipated trailer of The Accidental Prime Minister, with Anupam Kher as former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has been released. The movie tells the story of the life of Manmohan, a career politician and economist who represented as India’s Prime minister from 2004 to 2014. Movie is based on the accidental prime minister book .. Manmohan Singh Movie

The Accidental Prime Minister
The Accidental Prime Minister

Trailer of The Accidental Prime Minister here:

The new film has generated a huge amount of excitement due to the striking similarity of its characters to the real counterparts of life. Kher is becoming like Manmohan and has adapted his mannerisms quite well. In the movie, Akshaye Khanna plays Sanjaya Baru, Manmohan Singh ‘s media advisor. It seems that the character of Akshaye also performs the narrator in the film as we see him smashing the fourth wall and interacting with the audience.latest wait and watch Anupam Kher Prime Minister

Rating :- 4.6/5.0*

Film gets superb response on social media